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Some interesting links for further reading . . . . . .

 Photogrammetric Accuracy White paper from PIEneering that strips out a lot of the hype surrounding accuracy.   Particular reference to UAVs.  Explains all sources of error.

 Lidar  Classification From Watershed Sciences an explanation of lidar and how it can be used for vegetation studies.  Fusion of lidar with spectral data.  Vegetation metrics.

 Imagery Acquisition  Laymans guide to aerial image acquisition by Pteryx of Poland.   The need for flight planning.  Implications of overlap.

 Mobile  Mapping  Prof. Gordon Petrie undertakes regular assessments of all current technology.  Review of current ground systems.  Lidar and photogrammetric compared.

 Remote Sensing Solid background research by NASA into what works for crop health determination.  Hyperspectral not data not beneficial.  Twelve optimal narrow bands identified.

 UAVs  An interesting summary by Barnard Microsystems of the pros and cons of various sized UAVs.  Economics only works sometimes.  Reliability still a huge issue.