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Aerial Survey Consultants

Software Development

Aerial survey generates large data volumes, the process of acquiring these data is complex and commercial off the shelf packages are frequently not suited to fully exploiting the data.  Therefore, the ability to write ones own software is almost essential.

The firm has always produced software.  It started in the eighties with the survey, digital terrain modelling and civil engineering design package known as "Stardust".  This was marketed commercially and more than 1000 licenses were in use before the busines was sold and it later metamorphised as part of the well known "Civil Designer" suite.

More recently software has been written primarily for the firms own internal use.  It includes functions for flight planning (using the Global Mapper engine), airborne navigation and camera control, moving map graphical displays, job management, multi spectral false colour image generation, GPS data capture and many, many different database and DTM manipulation routines.  The languages of choice are C++ and Power Basic although limited use has also been made of Java and Python.

Extensive use has also been made of embedded programming and scripting tools in the GIS environment in order to set up tailored solutions for clients in environments such ESRI and dBase or Oracle, but more importantly these days, the open source equivalents such as PostGIS and PostgreSQL.