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After decades of conflict, the Angolan government required an inventory of the location and state of all the roads and bridges in the country.  It wil be evident from the pictures that this included some of the most arduous conditions imaginable and no commercial pavement measuring system could possibly have dealt with these circumstances.  

Accordingly the firm developed a data collection system based on continuous geo referenced high resolution video with a precision GPS fix every 10 meters.  A fleet of Toyota Land Cruisers were equipped and personnel were trained on how to observe and record road conditions.  Every bridge was also surveyed using laser distance meters with a consistent measuring methodology.  Stringent quality control and independant checks were applied throughout the proces.

A variety of specialised software had to be written and a full database system was developed using open source GIS software.  The collected data formed the foundation for a complete road management system.

In all, some 32000km of road and almost 1000 bridges were surveyed.