Rob Wooding & Associates

Aerial Survey Consultants

Various innovative projects that were quite fun . . . . .

 High Detail Remote Sensing  Interesting experiment to detect survivability of 1cm sized grass plugs.  Mining rehabilitation project.  Successful at the 95% level.

 Software Development Purpose written software is an essential component for data exploitation.   Full survey and road design.  Hundreds of specialised utilities

 Rapid Road Sections  Developed to measure a lot of road, quickly when you can't do it from the air.  Truck mounted system.  Progress at 20km per day

 Road Video Mapping  Road and bridge assessment methodology for rapid nation wide inventory.  Simple, reliable and rugged system.  Mapped some 32,000km

 Mounts & Rigs Various camera assemblies built to avoid the high cost of commercial offerings.  Both helicopter and aircraft platforms.  Vibration and power issues solved 

 LPPR Rapid property registration system based on low level aerial imagery.  Simple and understandable.  Cheap and easy to implement