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Title Surveys

The firm has undertaken several projects, in both consulting and production capacities, associated with creating land titles.  Sometimes this occurs in situations where no titles have ever existed.  Sometimes in circumstances where titles did exist but the land registration system has broken down.

The most recent project of this nature involved the creation of approximately 25,000  land parcels in the Congo Republic (Brazzaville).  A team of cadastral surveyors, legal experts, GIS specialists and socioligists was assembled to create a methodology and production chain suited to local conditions yet taking full advantage of modern technology.  

The production process involved low level orthophotography onto which the historical land parcels were mapped where they existed.  Thereafter new parcels were created following logical boundaries and giving preference to the original parcels where ever possible.  These boundaries could then be verified and surveyed on the ground in a door to door process.  All data was assembled in a spatial GIS from which documentation can be issued for occupying or ownership title as well as serving taxation purposes. This project is still in progress.

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