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Road Detailing

Many roads have to be built for private developments in fields such as agriculture, mining, forestry, exploration and tourism.  Because the firm has had extensive experience with surveys for road construction and also developed the software for a widely used full road design package, it has often assisted clients with basic route selection and simple road construction drawings.

The niche for this service lies in situations where something better than a bulldozed track is required but there is no need for a high design speed and there will be no public access.  Larger roads are best handled by firms of consulting engineers specializing in this field.

Conventional procedures are followed, consisting of mapping at a suitable scale for route location, runoff calculations for sizing of cross drainage, detail mapping leading to geometric alignment to minimize earthworks, pavement recommendations and then setting out.  Where necessary the firm uses the services of specialist engineers, geologists and environmental scientists for more detailed road design and structures, as well as selection of borrow pits, geological considerations and social impact studies.

The drawing examples illustrate work done for a large agricultural project in Angola.