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Agricultural Mapping

To extend basic orthophoto mapping to include individual field and compartment areas is an obvious function and the firm has supplied this data to the vast majority of sugar cane farmers and companies in southern Africa, as well as substantial numbers of timber plantations, citrus and deciduous fruit industries.  

However the further exploitation of this basic data via tailored GIS systems is also a fundamental service function.  The slides show a typical small farm with historical yields, age and variety, pests and disease influence and the resultant optimum harvesting pattern.

This service is not restricted to farm levels either.  There is also a slide indicating a national level study, in this case seeking the optimum areas for soya production in Angola.  The factors that were included in the global analysis included soil types, climate, topographic details and distance to market.  The client then identified certain areas within the optimum yield potential zones and a more refined analysis was carried out that included slope and aspect, heat units related to sun angles, water sources and evaporation, availability of power, etc..  This then formed the basis of a substantial agricultural investment.