Rob Wooding & Associates

Aerial Survey Consultants

These are the types of Ground Surveys that we currently do or have done . . . . . .

 Agricultural  Mapping Utilization of mapping, sometimes aerial and sometimes ground, to create farm maps    A simple GIS at individual farm level.   Essential for farm management.

 Photography Control The necessary step when either high precision or a link to the local datum is required.   Usually a GPS ground survey.   Pre or post photography techniques.

 Geodetic Control The global and national frameworks on which all other surveys are "hung".   Dependable breakdowns to local level.  The critical influence of gravity.

 Precise Surveys Working to the millimeter and sub millimeter level is almost an art form.    Precise machine alignment.    Dam wall deflection measurements.

 Road Detailing  Roads in a farm, forest or bush environment that do not require full engineering design but still need geometric alignment, surface layers & cross drainage 

 Title Surveys Surveys to confer a right to occupy, use, buy or sell land.   Generally governed by legislation.   Conformance with international criteria