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Quality Control

Most surveyors know only too well that when something goes wrong, half way through a construction project, he or she will be the first person to catch the muzzle blast.  When the finger of blame starts roving it usually comes to rest on the softest target and that is frequently the original survey.

Experience has shown that in most cases the problems will not in fact be the survey.  Even when it does relate to the survey, it is frequently a matter of unrealistic expectations in relation to the original specification or a time related implication where circumstances on the ground have changed.

However,  problems in projects are frequent and hence so are investigations into the quality of the base surveys.  Often when it happens there is a time gap of many years making both the investigation and any subsequent accountability very difficult. 

There is no substitute for a properly conducted and systematic data checking process immediately after survey delivery.  Checks are typically carried out on a statistically relevant sample using techniques or methodolgy as independant of the original system as possible.  Of course the effort that is applied to this has to be scaled in relation to the size, value and importance of the job but even at the most simple level, an independant quality control report, signed off by a registered professional surveyor, is of inestimable value.  Sometimes some of the checking procedures can be built into the original specification so it becomes "self-checking".  For larger jobs an actual field check survey is recommended.  The firm has equipment to conduct such surveys, both on the ground and by airborne means.

A "Certificate of Conformance" will be issued if requested.

Due to the many variables mentioned above it is difficult to give an idea of the cost implications but generally we advise clients to budget 10% of the contract survey price for quality control.  It is money well spent.