Rob Wooding & Associates

Aerial Survey Consultants


It is not possible to comprehensively list forty years worth of jobs and clients.  What follows is a small sample, in no particular order, to give an idea of the nature and diversity of the tasks that have been handled.  

Aerial photography, ground control, mapping and cane area assessments for Illovo Sugar mill group areas in South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania.   Provision of GIS systems for cane supply planning and control. 

Ground control and orthophoto mapping with DTM for large areas of South Africa to assist with tele-communication facility extensions.

Extensive work for various Angolan government ministries.  Technical advice and consulting to IGCA regarding cadastral system rehabilitation.  Crop potential mapping for Agricultural ministry.  Aerial photography, ground control and high detail mapping for more than 1000km of road reconstruction projects.

Three dimensional mapping of large areas of South Africa for GSM coverage planning during initial cell phone roll out.  All national road routes covered in detail.  Every vertical wall feature greater than 4 sqm mapped in the highly built up areas of Gauteng.


 Aerial photography, ground control and orthopoto mapping for 260km Mozambique gas pipeline.

 Tongaat-Huletts group.  Same activities as for Illovo above.

High detail road surveys for engineering road design in Zambia and Tanzania.  Also many other firms of consulting engineers.

Many projects for South African government departments.  Small scale mapping and control for Directorate of Surveys & Mapping.  Large scale mapping projects for the Directorate of Forestry and Water Affairs.  Primary geodetic control for the Lesotho Highlands Water Scheme.  Dam deflection measurements of large wall concrete arch dams.  Vegetation mapping for identification and eradication of alien vegetation.

Primary control, photography and mapping for large mining and port development project in Mozambique.

Road inventory of all roads in Angola.  Thirty two thousand kilometers surveyed and video mapped.  Bridge surveys.  Design of database, development and  provision of GIS and data viewing software.  Consulting services for data maintenance.

 Photography and orthophoto mapping of South African coastline for Oceanographic Research Institute.

Consulting and mapping services in connection with agricultural upliftment project in Tanzania.

Various road, agricultural and powerline surveys, mostly in Angola.  Extensive application of lidar.  Primary geodetic breakdowns and subsequent control.  Assistance with rehbilitation of large agricultural project.  City mapping.  Provision of land title surveys and registration system for large housing project.  Consulting services for the remeasuring and recording of 26,000 erven for Congo Brazzaville.

 Ground control and rectification of satellite imagery for demarcation of voting districts in Mozambique.

Preparation of quota mapping standards and specifications for the sugar cane industry covering both ground and aerial techniques.