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Contract Execution

So there is a specification that will get the job done in the most efficient manner and either a bunch of tenders or several invited bids.  Now the project has to be carried out.

You have all met the guy on the left.  That's us when we are asked to perform this function.

Firstly, tenders are evaluated on cost effectiveness, quality, technical proficiency, timely delivery and reliability of the bidder.  This has to be done using a method that is both fair and appropriate to the job.  In conjunction with the client, the best tender is chosen using either the Price Quality model or the Lowest Conforming Bid model as preferred.  A payment channel is set up and verified.   A contract is signed with successful tenderer.

Document control systems are established with the contractors and sub contractors.  Milestones and interim payments leading to the eventual close out within the agreed time frame are agreed.  Work commences.

Using the reporting system, all activity is monitored and managed with suitable warning flags being raised for any deviation from the project timeline.  Full documentation and paper trail to ISO 9001 standards is maintained.  Progressive deliveries are scrutinized for apparent conformity to the specification.  The client is given notice to release interim payments as and when milestones are achieved.

In addition to administering the job, throughout the execution of the project, we see it as part of our function to provide the contractor with advice and assistance when ever it is requested.

On conclusion of the project to the satisfaction of the firm (see also Quality Control), the client will be advised and the contractor will be issued with a "Completion Certificate" entitling it to final payment of all moneys outstanding.

The above procedure is of course scaled down appropriately in the case of small jobs.  Conversely, in the case of very large jobs, where multiple contractors have to be appointed to act as a team and all activities must be coordinated, a far greater level of management is required.

Costs for this function may vary anywhere from 5% on small, simple jobs up to 20% on large complex ones.  A quotation will be provided for each project based on it's merits.