Rob Wooding & Associates

Aerial Survey Consultants


Over the years the firm has operated many types of camera in many types of aircraft.  Starting with a heavily modified Williamson 5" film reconnaisance camera in the seventies, through to large 9" format Leica and Zeiss film cameras in the eighties and more recently large, medium and small format digital cameras.  Currently the firm has two medium format photogrammetric cameras, one from Trimble and one from Hasselblad.  These have proved to be the most cost effective solution for mapping areas up to 5000 square kilometers.

Acquiring an Applanix system in 2001, the firm was one of the first in Africa to see the benefit of using inertial technology in conjunction with precision GPS to obtain more robust aerial triangulations and to reduce, or at times even eliminate, the requirements for ground control.  

With the digital age comes a total dependence on software.   One learns the hard way what works and what does not.  The firm has in the past purchased and applied a variety of software packages including VirtuoZo,  Socet Set, Inpho, Orthovista,  Agisoft, PhotoMod and Photomodeler.   All bulk processing is now done by our spin-off company, WGSAir.  (Click here for their web site).  Rob Wooding & Associates retains software for camera calibrations and licenses sufficient for quality control of any mapping project.