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Aerial Survey Consultants


By linking four conventional cameras, pointing left, right, forward and back from a vertical medium format photogrammetric camera, highly detailed models and complete "fly throughs" can be generated.

The imagery from all five cameras is integrated into a single composite adjustment meaning that, instead of the normal vertical situation, where any particular object might only be imaged in two frames, every object is typically imaged in at least eight frames.  This results in increased accuracy.  Furthermore, detail that would normally be obscured in vertical imagery, for example the positions and sizes of windows, can be accurately mapped.

The data volumes that are generated are huge and the essential specialist data generation and viewing software such as Acute3D and Euclideon has only recently become available.

Some of the example images on the left that appear to be simple aerial photographs are in fact pure 3D point clouds.  Every single pixel has an x,y,z coordinate as well as a colour value.  It looks and behaves like a video game but it is the real world and precisely accurate.

We suspect that within a few years this will be the norm for all mapping data delivery.