Rob Wooding & Associates

Aerial Survey Consultants

Rob Wooding & Associates was formed in 1986 and has evolved over the years from a firm that carried out aerial, engineering and agricultural survey services, into a consultancy that provides advice and direction to clients requiring these services.  We have considerable experience.   

Our work is primarily in Africa and we undertake :-

  • needs analysis and specification drafting, 
  • contract documentation and project management, 
  • quality control and survey certification

The firm has it's own aircraft and resources including photogrammetric, GPS, remote sensing, and lidar equipment that it will deploy or hire out as necessary. 

We also keep probing the leading edge of technology, testing ideas, trying different methods, writing dedicated software and experimenting with new equipment to find out how we can improve the way work is done in our African context.  At the moment our interests are in Narrow Band Remote Sensing  and  3D Oblique Photogrammetry